Friday, May 04, 2007

They don't put this in parenting books

My daughter shaved off her eyebrows yesterday while I was in the shower. I stepped out of the shower and heard, "mom, my eyebrows are coming off." Trust me, you don't ever want to hear those words exit the mouth of your five-year old. I opened the bathroom door and there she was. Eyebrowless. She used her father's razor. Thank goodness she didn't cut herself and school pictures have already been taken for the year. Now we just have to figure out a way to cover up her eyebrows until they grow out. Don't you wish they put this particular problem in What to Expect The First Five Years?

Children are wonderful aren't they? I almost wish she had cut her hair. That would be an easier fix than the eyebrows. Do they make falsh eyebrows?

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