Friday, March 24, 2006

That's better

Today was a little bit better. I started out pretty down, but as the morning went on and I got out and about running errands, I started feeling better. I felt like I actually accomplished something. I didn't workout, but a day off now and then won't kill me, as long as I get back on track tomorrow. My neck and shoulder is almost completely better, I'm sleeping better again. I finally saw the physician's assistant for the othropedist today. Apparently there is some degeneration of the spine and a couple of the discs are starting to bulge. Nothing hugely serious, but definately permanent. I'm going back to work on modified duty until I can get my schooling done. I want to become a real estate appraiser. It's 90 hours of schooling and then I have to pass the test. Hopefully I can get started here within the next two weeks and then I can get myself a job that's not so hard on my body.

I'm not really looking forward to going back to work, but it needs to be done. Disability doesn't pay all that well and we could really use the money. We're in the process of re-financing our house and that should lower our payment considerably. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's getting brighter.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just one of those days

Today was just one of those days. The kind of day you have when aunt flo is visiting and you didn't really want to see her. I was way emotional and definately too impatient. I had my appointment with my primary physician and he changed my meds and hopefully this will be the last change to the birthcontrol pills. Then we had to rush to baseball practice and were almost late because of the doctor's appointment. The kids seemed extra tired too.

I got up this morning and did most of my workout. My son woke up and told me he had wet his bed. That should have been my first clue that the day was going to be off. I drove all the way down to work to see if I could get my schedule changed to work better with my husband's new schedule. The manager said he would approve it, but that I had to be released back to work by my specialist before he could sign off on it. I basically drove down there for nothing since I'll have to drive back again tomorrow any way.

There was one really bright spot though. My husband called me on his way home to ask about a direct deposit from my job. I'm on disability so I'm getting paid through the insurance company, not my job. Apparently we got our annual bonus today. I wasn't expecting it and it will certainly help a lot. I felt like my prayers were answered.

Workout - weights(back), back stuff, and abs

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Apparently there was a problem with my appointment for the othropedist because they neglected to say anything about it until I was standing there trying to check in. So I've been rescheduled for Friday with a physician's assistant and will then be referred back to the surgeon. Lovely. Who knows how long that will take? Hopefully not another month, I thought maybe we were finally going to make some progress. It's getting pretty frustrating.

I have my appointment with my primary physician tomorrow and will tell him about my shoulder. It's feeling a little bit better, but is still pretty sore. I'll also see if I can have him bump up the strength of the birth control pills so I won't have any little visitors during the month. For any men that happen to read this, that means I won't be spotting or aunt flo won't be making any unexpected visits. Hopefully I'll have lost a few more pounds and that will make up for having to drive all the way to the orthopedist's office only to get shut down.

I'm getting itchy to redecorate the house or I should say, start decorating the house since we moved in almost a year ago and the fabric I bought to reupholster the dining room chairs is still standing in the corner. We need a look other than moving chic. Don't even ask how many gallons of paint we bought that never even made it inside the house!

I over slept a little this morning but still managed to get my workout in. I was seriously dragging when I got up, but after a few minutes I got with the program. I'm finally up to a 4.5 incline and 3.2 miles an hour. I'm trying to work up to a 5% incline and 3.5 miles an hour.

Workout - weights (legs), back stuff, abs, 45 mins. on the treadmill

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I'm not sure what I did to my shoulder. I don't know if I slept wrong or I pulled a muscle, but it hurts! I slept flat on my back last night because sleeping on either side hurt to much. Even after taking two tylenol with codeine and a muscle relaxer! I stretched extra this morning and that seemed to help, then a long hot shower with the shower set on massage helped A LOT. I'm pretty sure I slept really wrong, especially when I woke up the other night and my son was practically sleeping on my head. Out of curiosity I weighed him the other day and couldn't believe my eyes, 65 lbs.! He just barely turned 6. He's not the least bit fat, he's just a really big boy. Most people think he's 7 or 8. Which reminds me I need to call and schedule his well check. What happened to me, I used to call three months in advance for these things!

I'll most likely have to skip the weights the next few days until my shoulder starts to feel better. I already have a doctor's appointment on Thursday to discuss the new birth control pills, so I can ask my doc then about the shoulder. I've been on three different types of birth control pills in the last three months. You don't want to try this! Talk about hormonal, oy vey! Hopefully the fourth one will be the charm and the rollercoaster can come to a stop. My ultrasound was normal, so it's all in balancing the hormones. Tomorrow I see the orthopedist for my back and hopefully he'll be able to tell me about my MRI and what's wrong with my back.

Workout - weights (arms), back stuff, abs, and 45 mintues on the treadmill

Monday, March 20, 2006

What a weekend!

I did manage to finally get my house clean with my mom's help. Aren't moms wonderful? She helped me clean up all weekend and even supervised the games for the birthday party. Only one guest showed up for the party. Poor kid, that's happened to him two years in a row now. I promise from now on I'll give out invitations two weeks in advance and harass everyone until they RSVP. Well, I might skip the harassment, but I'll definately get the invitations out earlier.

Still, the big 6 year old had a good time and got the presents he wanted and there was cake left over! We had a nice visit with my parents and hopefully they'll be able to come back in June for a whole week. I was a good girl and didn't skip any workouts although I did skip the treadmill for the weekend. I was back in the saddle this morning though. I got up early and made my coffee and got down to business. Thank goodness my daughter's birthday isn't until October!

Workout - weights (chest) back stuff, abs, and treadmill

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yeah baby!!!!!!!!

Woohoo!!!! I lost three more pounds! I wasn't too bad I guess. Always nice to see the scale move down instead of up.

I went grocery shopping today and got lots of fresh fruit and veggies. All stuff on the approved diet. I was sooo hungry while I was shopping. I can't believe I didn't eat lunch before I went. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast and I'm only slightly hungry. It's a little weird not feeling hungry all the time, but I can get used to it quickly.

My son is having a hard time waiting for his birthday to be here. We got him a much longed for Gameboy and the Tony Hawk game he's been begging for. Tomorrow we'll have a nice dinner for him, whatever he wants and cupcakes for him and my daughter. No cake for mom and dad! Then saturday we'll have his party with six of his friends from school. I have to bake cupcakes tonight and the cake tomorrow night so I can decorate it Friday for the party on Saturday. I still have laundry to do, not to mention cleaning the house and cleaning up the backyard for the party. Does all that stuff count as excercise?

Workout - weights (chest), back stuff, abs, and 30 mins. on the treadmill

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I was bad!

Ok, I'll be honest and admit to not doing one bit of excercise yesterday. But in my defense I did have an MRI in the morning and an ultrasound in the afternoon. All that waiting and driving over half of the county just did me in. That and the coordination of getting my son to school and picking him up, and my husband's doctor's appointment. It was too much.

I did get up this morning and did my back excercises and my abs. Hopefully I can squeeze in 30 minutes on the treadmill somewhere in between baseball practice, grocery shopping and American Idol. I know, I know, but I LOVE that show. I'm such a geek. Oh, and I need to do laundry too. Thank goodness I'm not working right now or I'd be losing my mind. On second thought I lost that a long time ago and that explains why I waited on the laundry until everyone was one pair away from being out of clean underwear. TMI, sorry.

My dh's triglycerides were so bad (800) that they couldn't even get a reading on his cholesterol. So now he's on the ultra-restricted diet. Poor guy, I think he can eat green leafy veggies and drink water. Pretty much limited to nothing with sugar in it and no fats. Doesn't leave a whole lot. I'm going to have to get creative with the cooking. I don't really need sugar and fat either or the kids for that matter. It's just a matter of fixing things that the kids will eat too.

Workout - back excersises and stretches, abs, and hopefully treadmill

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm pooped

Late yesterday afternoon my daughter came down with some sort of stomach bug. The poor little thing threw up all over my bed and carpet and continued to vomit off and on until about 3am this morning. It was a really long night. After I had stripped the bed, washed and dried the sheets and re-made the bed again, I ended up sleeping with my daughter in her bed. My husband and son slept in our bed and around 4am my son wet the bed. So I washed the sheets again this morning. Thank god for vinyl sheets to protect the mattress! I now have the cleanest sheets known to man.

I did drag myself out of bed around 8am and slobbed around until about 10am, when I got off my big ol' booty and excercised. After a nice long, extremely hot shower I put some stew in the crock pot and sat down to go through the paper and clip coupons. Since it's been snowing the last few days in the mountains near by we decided to make a run up and let the kids play in the snow. We made our first ever snow man complete with pine needle hair. The kids had fun throwing snow balls at mom and dad. I couldn't believe all the people up there running around without jackets or snow gear on! Talk about asking to get sick, crazy crazy. We came home and I stole my husband's hooded sweatshirt and put on my comfy pants and now I'm going to nap until the Soprano's come on. I'm so excited, I can't wait to see what's going to happen this season.

Workout - weights (back), back excercises and stretches, abs, and 30 mins. on the treadmill

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I think I bit off more than I could chew. I didn't overeat, but boy did I get myself into something. It turns out that being team mom for my son's baseball team actually involves being responsible for informing all the parents for my son's team about all the fundraising. There is A LOT of fundraising for baseball. I got this binder crammed with all of the fundraisers we're going to be doing. The season actually lasts from mid-March until the end of May. I think there are at least four fundraisers for amounts to be about two months. Yikes! I also have to get people to work at the snack bar. Oy vey!

It actually snowed here today for about half an hour. I live in Southern California, we don't get a whole lot of snow. I interrupted my workout so I could wake up the kids to see the snow falling. My son was really excited and quickly dressed to go outside to catch snowflakes on his tongue. My daughter however, was really not happy with me for waking her up. She likes her beauty sleep. I did finish the workout, about an hour after I started it. It's really cold here, in the low 40's. For a SoCal girl, that's pretty cold!

My parents are coming to visit next weekend for my son's sixth birthday. He's counting the days and can barely contain himself. Upon waking, before his eyes are all the way open he asks how many days until his birthday and how many days until grandma and papa get here. They're going to take him shopping for his first skateboard.

Workout - weights (legs), back excercises and stretches, and abs

Friday, March 10, 2006

Two in a row!

Hopefully I can make it a threepeat! I got up early again this morning, although I admit to hitting the snooze button once. Had some good for me oatmeal for breakfast and enjoyed my coffee before the kids woke up. I was on the treadmill when dh left for work, he said I'm making him feel bad. He still hasn't worked up the energy to start working out. I even managed to clean my kitchen while my son was at school. I can see my counters now and that's always nice.

Note to self: don't leave the digital camera sitting out on the desk. The kids will find it and take pictures of anything that will hold still including every Barbie and toy car they own.

Workout - weights (shoulders), back excercises and stretches, half an hour on the treadmill

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busy, busy

I actually got out of bed at 6am this morning. I had done my workout and was ready for the day by 8:30am! It felt great to get up and have some time to myself and get my workout done for the day. I had my last session of physical therapy today and I'll miss the nice ladies at the therapy center.

My son had his first little league practice today. He was so excited he was counting the minutes! He had a lot of fun once he got over his meet new people nerves. I'm going to be the team mom. It was a very busy day for sure.

Workout - weights (chest), back excercises and stretches, and half an hour on the treadmill

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've never heard of those

Yesterday I was talking to my mom on the phone about my son liking the Special K waffles I had bought. My son heard me talking and said "yeah mom! Can I have some KY waffles?" I was laughing so hard that it took me five minutes to tell my mom what he had said. I just wonder where he heard KY or if that just came out like that.

I noticed on the form for workman's comp. that I have lost another pound. Woohoo for me! I made spaghetti tonight and some garlic bread. I'm glad there was some spaghetti left over, now I can have some for lunch tomorrow!

Workout - weights (biceps and triceps), back excercises, and half an hour on the treadmill

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rain, again

It looks like it's going to rain again. For like the third time in the last week and a half. I love the rain, really I do. I just don't love what it does to my children when they're stuck in doors all day. There's only two places in town that have indoor playgrounds and of course they insanely crowded when it rains. The worst thing is that half the parents don't bother watching their children while they're there. They sit in a completely different part of the restaurant while their kids terrorize the playground.

I slept in late again, this time until 9am! Horrible. I feel like a slug. It must be all the medications I'm taking for my back. All of them can cause drowsiness and boy they must be! I had a hard time waking up when my daughter was calling for me last night. Kind of scary actually. I think I'll have to talk to the doctor about that. I have two more days of physical therapy and then I won't have to go any more. It's not really being effective. Thank goodness, having to go three times a week was getting old.

I took the kids to the library after my son was done at school. The library is hosting a program that for every five books they read they get a free hamburger or cheeseburger from In and Out Burger. I see a lot of free cheeseburgers in my future since the kids wanted to check out half the library. I'm suddenly reminded that In and Out doesn't offer salads. I'll be praying for strength later. Oh and they're shakes! I also see lots of time spent on the treadmill.

Workout - back stretches and excercies, half an hour on the treadmill

Monday, March 06, 2006


I went to my doctor's appointment today and I didn't lose any weight. But, on the plus side I didn't gain any either so I'll just be glad that I've lost what I've lost and haven't gained any back. Today was a busy day with taking my son to school and going to my physical therapy appointment and then having my doctor's appointment this afternoon. My poor daughter is having a sever allergy problem and has had quite a case of the sniffles for the last two days. She woke me up at 3am and wanted to watch Corpse Bride (her new favorite movie). We ended up sleeping in until 8:30am. That's pretty late for us.

Hopefully I'll be back to work within the next week or so. I finally got my MRI scheduled and that will determine the extent of the damage. I'll most likely have to go back to work even though I'm still in pain because we just can't afford to live on my disability checks. All of my husband's income goes to paying for the house and car. It's only temporary though as I'll hopefully be starting school soon to learn how to do real estate appraisals.

Workout - back stretches and excercises, half an hour on the treadmill

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm so proud

I actually got up this morning, ate breakfast and excercised. No sitting around doing nothing until noon. It felt really good to get up and get moving. Around lunch time we left to go see my husband's aunt and uncle that live an hour away. His aunt made some delicious chili with beans. I wasn't really in the mood for chili, but once I got there and smelled it I wanted some. It was nice to spend the afternoon catching up on what was going on with the extended family. I haven't been there for almost a year! His aunt and I went to the mall to check out the closing sale at Robinson's May. Not much was left and the stuff that I was interested in wasn't marked down enough to justify the expense.

I have physical therapy tomorrow for my back and another doctor's appointment for my back as well. I hurt my back at work a couple of months ago and it's really taking a long time for it to heal. The doctor thinks that I might have chronic back pain for the rest of my life. It's not too bad, but definately uncomfortable.

Workout - weights (back) back stretches and excercises, treadmill for half an hour

Saturday, March 04, 2006

So far so good

Today was a good day. I think I did pretty well. Had Special K waffles for breakfast. They taste different from regular waffles. It will take some getting used to, but they're better for me than regular waffles. I took the kids to McDonald's and managed to just have a diet soda. Don't worry I ate before I went. All the better to keep my face out of the french fries. The food smelled really good though. It was a nice time. The sun was shining and the kids had fun playing on the playground.

After being there for two hours we came home and took a nice walk. I prefer to walk outside instead of on my treadmill. It's just so much nicer being out in the fresh air. My daughter got another chance to ride her new big girl bike. It just cracks me up that she stops and walks it over every crack in the road. Cracks that she used to ride her other bike over no problem. It must take some getting used to.

Tomorrow is my husband's day off so hopefully I'll get some time to myself and maybe be able to take a good long walk with just my music to keep me company.

Workout - weights (shoulders) and back strengthing excercises and stretches

Friday, March 03, 2006

Switchin' gears!

I've decided to use this blog as my weight loss blog. I no longer want to be unhealthy and most importantly I no longer want to be fat! I have a little over one hundred pounds to lose. I'm hoping that this will help me be a little more accountable and be motivation for me to keep goin' when the tough gets goin'. Along with my feelings I'll be posting my daily workouts and what will hopefully be my weekly weight loss. Thanks for stopping by and good luck to those of you that are in the same situation I'm in.

My goals:

To lose 102 pounds safely.

To workout with weights five days a week.

To do at least half an hour of cardio per day.

Keep my face out of the cheesecake.

Workout - weights (bench press and flys)

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