Friday, March 10, 2006

Two in a row!

Hopefully I can make it a threepeat! I got up early again this morning, although I admit to hitting the snooze button once. Had some good for me oatmeal for breakfast and enjoyed my coffee before the kids woke up. I was on the treadmill when dh left for work, he said I'm making him feel bad. He still hasn't worked up the energy to start working out. I even managed to clean my kitchen while my son was at school. I can see my counters now and that's always nice.

Note to self: don't leave the digital camera sitting out on the desk. The kids will find it and take pictures of anything that will hold still including every Barbie and toy car they own.

Workout - weights (shoulders), back excercises and stretches, half an hour on the treadmill

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