Monday, March 20, 2006

What a weekend!

I did manage to finally get my house clean with my mom's help. Aren't moms wonderful? She helped me clean up all weekend and even supervised the games for the birthday party. Only one guest showed up for the party. Poor kid, that's happened to him two years in a row now. I promise from now on I'll give out invitations two weeks in advance and harass everyone until they RSVP. Well, I might skip the harassment, but I'll definately get the invitations out earlier.

Still, the big 6 year old had a good time and got the presents he wanted and there was cake left over! We had a nice visit with my parents and hopefully they'll be able to come back in June for a whole week. I was a good girl and didn't skip any workouts although I did skip the treadmill for the weekend. I was back in the saddle this morning though. I got up early and made my coffee and got down to business. Thank goodness my daughter's birthday isn't until October!

Workout - weights (chest) back stuff, abs, and treadmill


Cori said...

Poor little guy! Birthday parties are hard for little boys! Good job getting back in the excercise saddle!

girl from florida said...

Hey, congrats on the weight loss... you're doing great! And good job keeping up while company was there- that's always the toughest time for me diet-wise.


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