Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Apparently there was a problem with my appointment for the othropedist because they neglected to say anything about it until I was standing there trying to check in. So I've been rescheduled for Friday with a physician's assistant and will then be referred back to the surgeon. Lovely. Who knows how long that will take? Hopefully not another month, I thought maybe we were finally going to make some progress. It's getting pretty frustrating.

I have my appointment with my primary physician tomorrow and will tell him about my shoulder. It's feeling a little bit better, but is still pretty sore. I'll also see if I can have him bump up the strength of the birth control pills so I won't have any little visitors during the month. For any men that happen to read this, that means I won't be spotting or aunt flo won't be making any unexpected visits. Hopefully I'll have lost a few more pounds and that will make up for having to drive all the way to the orthopedist's office only to get shut down.

I'm getting itchy to redecorate the house or I should say, start decorating the house since we moved in almost a year ago and the fabric I bought to reupholster the dining room chairs is still standing in the corner. We need a look other than moving chic. Don't even ask how many gallons of paint we bought that never even made it inside the house!

I over slept a little this morning but still managed to get my workout in. I was seriously dragging when I got up, but after a few minutes I got with the program. I'm finally up to a 4.5 incline and 3.2 miles an hour. I'm trying to work up to a 5% incline and 3.5 miles an hour.

Workout - weights (legs), back stuff, abs, 45 mins. on the treadmill

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Cori said...

You will get there (incline & speed) dont worry. I wish I could oversleep but in this household its almost impossible! I think sleeping is just as important as anything else and we should all do it more often!


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