Friday, March 03, 2006

Switchin' gears!

I've decided to use this blog as my weight loss blog. I no longer want to be unhealthy and most importantly I no longer want to be fat! I have a little over one hundred pounds to lose. I'm hoping that this will help me be a little more accountable and be motivation for me to keep goin' when the tough gets goin'. Along with my feelings I'll be posting my daily workouts and what will hopefully be my weekly weight loss. Thanks for stopping by and good luck to those of you that are in the same situation I'm in.

My goals:

To lose 102 pounds safely.

To workout with weights five days a week.

To do at least half an hour of cardio per day.

Keep my face out of the cheesecake.

Workout - weights (bench press and flys)

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Genuine said...

Good Luck! Maybe we can be inspired by your success!


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