Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hatin' on Plumbers

I live in what I guess is a really freakin' old house. I saw that because the electrical is so old that if you use the hair dryer and the wall heater in the bathroom the lights actually dim. The plumbing is really bad too, if someone is taking a shower and you flush the toilet, not only does the water turn to absolutely freezing cold, but also slows to a trickle until the tank fills up.

So, I'm hating the plumber right now because our kitchen sink is backing up into the sink in the garage and I called and left two messages for our landlord and she just forgot to call the plumber. Nice! So I called the plumber myself this morning and have yet to hear back from him. This is putting a rather large crimp in our lives because the washing machine drains into the sink in the garage and I can't do laundry because then the sink will overflow and I can't run my dishwasher or run the water in the kitchen sink because then the sink in the garage will overflow.

That makes it really hard to cook or anything, cause how am I going to wash the dishes so we can eat again later?

Ok, so maybe I don't hate the plumber, I'm just irritated cause it's been three days and I NEED to do laundry. I'm thinking happy plumber thoughts and hoping that he calls.

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Bumbling Bav said...

OUr landlords must know each other. However in my case add MOLD!



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