Monday, January 16, 2012

I got tagged, again!

Susan at 75% Hippie tagged me! So I'm gonna cheat a little. Shhhhhh! I'll do my 11 things about me and answer her questions, but tagging another 11 people? I don't think I made it to 11 the last time.

Here we go!

  1. I'm sitting in bed drinking coffee and writing this post right now.
  2. Yes, I am wearing pajamas. Perverts!
  3. I don't have to work today!
  4. It's not a paid day off :(
  5. I had one month of a truly awesome work schedule and now it's about to go back to the schedule from hell.
  6. I'm considering moving to South Dakota instead of Texas. I'll find out Tuesday if there might be a job waiting for me there.
  7. Yes, I am completely insane. Duh
  8. My favorite book is Gone With the Wind
  9. I can now wear a medium from Victoria's Secret. Thank you Jillian Michaels!
  10. I was not impressed by Vicky's Semi Annual sale. Seriously
  11. I started Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred two days ago and it is kicking my ass

And now for the questions:

1.   Does your sheet thread count matter to you? Nope
2.   What is your greatest accomplishment? So far, getting my BA
3.   What is your greatest failure? Marrying my ex-husband despite all the red flags I saw
4.   Who is your favorite Disney Villian? Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
5.   What game are you most addicted to? Words with Friends. It's the only game I still play
6.   Lick the cream out of the oreo or eat it all together? Eat it all together. I'm a rebel.
7.   Favorite place to vacation? The beach
8.   One thing you do for the environment on a regular basis? Uh, recycle
9.   Netflix, Amazon, neither, or both? Neither
10.What made you start blogging? I know it's cheating, but I've answered this I don't know how many times and I'm feeling lazy right now because it's my day off. So, read through older posts. Lol

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