Thursday, January 10, 2008

*Warning* Four letter word post!!!!!!

Ok, I moved back in with my parents in July. Our house was in foreclosure and we had no where else to go. So, in August I started on my current diet and have lost quite a bit of weight. Well my weight loss had kinda stalled so I started elminating refined sugar from my diet. I searched and searched for ice cream that was low fat and had no sugar added. I found some Dryer's ice cream bars that are really, really good. Well my mom saw them and said she was going to try one. She's trying to lose weight too, but isn't being nearly as serious about it as me, and we have TONS of low fat desserts in the freezer. Any way, to get to the point, the woman is eating all of my low sugar desserts and it is driving me insane!!!! I don't know why it pisses me off. But it does. Like no other. I just wonder why she can't eat the low fat stuff and leave my shit alone. If she was being totally serious about dieting and excercising then I'd probably be ok about it, but she's constantly scarfing down candy or going out to eat with my dad and then complaining that she's not losing weight. Hello!!!!! It's probably all the damn junk food and fast food you're eating. Seriously, every time I see her eat one I want to scream and rip it out of her hands. I really don't want to say anything because I'm living in her house and I'm not paying rent, but it really fucking pisses me off. And besides that she'll steal all the damn frozen meals. I'll get something I like for myself and I'll go out to get it and she's taken it to work for her lunch! It's making me crazy. It really is. I'm over here working my ass off to lose weight and giving up all kinds of stuff and she's half assing it and eating my shit! Normally I have no problems with my mom and we have a great relationship. But I am seriously biting my tongue over here and I needed to vent.

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