Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Funny

Made it through another week! Two weeks in Texas and I start my new job on Monday. This weekend I'm excited for the weekend for a completely different reason, yes I'm actually looking forward to Monday. Crazy I know. I'm sure that will change, probably right around next Monday, but until then I'm looking forward to my new job.

Enjoy the funnies, link up yours and have an awesome weekend!

I'd say this to my ex, but he would just stand there and look confused like a . . . . . . well, like a douchebag!

My phone still has not figured out that I cuss. A LOT.

Okay, that's just funny

Pure awesome. Whoever thought of this is a genius. Sick and twisted, but still a genius.

I know a lot of those people.

as an added bonus funny, I give you I Dated That Douche the site itself isn't all that funny, but the fact that it exists is!


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