Thursday, December 28, 2006

My worst christmas present ever

It started on Friday. I was a little phlegmy and my throat felt funny. Then by Saturday morning it was full blown. My tonsils were the size of golf balls and they felt like they'd been wrapped in barbed wire. I suffered until Wednesday morning when the doctor came back to work and called in some meds for me. I love my doctor. Just so you know. I pretty much spent christmas not eating and being miserable. I did however lose ten pounds by not eating for four days. Nifty, but I don't recommend that you try it.

All in all though christmas wasn't all that bad. I got some gift cards and had as enjoyable a time as I could. Now that I've been taking my meds for almost two full days I'm actually starting to feel human again. Just in time for my parents to visit for New Year's. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered by new year's eve so I can actually enjoy myself and party a little. Last year I slept through most of it. I was still working nights back then.

The kids had a blast and enjoyed all their gifts. Now we have to figure out where to put them all. I think we need to buy a five bedroom house just for all the storage space.

It's nap time now.

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