Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Hate About Being Sick

1. The constant snot fountain that is my nose right now.

2. The snot on my shirt that is from the kids at work that got me sick.  Seriously, I have to go out in public later.

3. Having to constantly empty my trashcan because it's full of snotty tissues.

4.  The lovely hacking cough. So sexy.

5. My froggy voice. I sound like Darth Vader. I will be making lots of phone calls today. I like to share the joy.

6.  I don't have a fever so I still get to go to work!

7.  Constantly clearing my throat. People think I've developed some sort of odd tic.

8.  Living on cough drops.  They make food taste like shit. Not that  I know what shit tastes like, but I imagine it's pretty close.

9.  My nose is constantly red. It's too early for the Rudolph costume.

10.  Drinking gallons of water and having to pee constantly. Oh wait, I do that when I'm not sick. Oops

11.  Having to keep going downstairs to get more tea.  I must teach the girl how to fetch tea.

12.  This cold is making my asthma flare up and I hate not being able to breathe.  Makes it so hard to you know, stay alive and stuff.

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