Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Buzz About Me 10

1. The last thing you was a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. Not for breakfast, although it is tempting. 

2.  The last thing you purchased.  Gas for my truck. I'm a broke bitch. I have to make sure I can get to work.

3.  The last thing you did before going to bed last night.  Read a chapter in Catching Fire. I need to get the third book in the Hunger Games series.

4.  The last song you heard.  Take My Drunk Ass Home by Eric Church

5.  The last show you were watching.  American Horror Story

6.  The last person you called.  My food stamps worker, and the bastard hasn't called me back. Guess who's getting a nasty phone call today!

7.  The last person you received a text from.  My mom. Lol, she was texting me from downstairs about the CMAs last night.

8.  The last color nail polish you wore.  Electric blue

9.  The last place you were before going home.  Work

10.  The last time you did something for yourself.  A couple of weeks ago when I went and got my new tattoo. Sure I could have used the money for something else, but mama needed some new ink!


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