Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Funny

I get a three day weekend bitches! I love this month, so much time off from work. Sadly none of it is paid time off.  Oh how I dream of a job that pays decently and has benefits. Maybe after I get my Master's Degree. I still need a laugh though, so link up your funny shit.

Please remember that if it's not a Friday Funny I will delete your link and spend my day off mocking you.

Also presented for your amusement, I attempted to make a button but I can't get the fucker to work. I am an idiot with 3 college degrees.  Book smart doesn't always equal intelligent. Ha! Now I have to wait for Rockin' Mama to wake up and fix my shit because she is a blogging genius. I owe you boob pics, cupcakes, and beer bitch.

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