Thursday, January 11, 2007


Everytime I sign into Blogger I check the remember me box. But it never remembers me. I think Blogger is trying to tell me something.

Why does my son only wet the bed when he's sleeping with me? And only the night after I've washed the sheets. Is that like washing your car and then it rains?

Why do the kids want to drink my soda, even though they have one of their own? Some things are sacred. Sodas, french fries, and the comfy chair.

Why is it that kids only want to help you when don't want/need their help, and then when you want them to help they act like they're dying?

Why is it that kids can't wait to go swimming and then don't want to take a bath?

Why am I still exhausted after I overslept by an hour?

Why do I have so many questions today? I sound like a three year old.

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Sally said...

questions are good ... being a mom means having questions but rarely finding answers.
Peace and blessings to you


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