Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Be good to yourself

You have to take care of yourself so you can be healthy and fit to take care of the people around you. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. I often put others before myself but to the point that it is unhealthy for me. I find myself stopping now and considering what I do, so that I make the right choices that are healtiest for everyone, myself included. I'm really not doing my children any favors by cleaning their rooms for them and not waiting for them to ask for help before giving it. I don't want to raise a Jessica Simpson or Jesse Simpson in the case that one of my children is a boy. It's my job as a parent to teach them to become well-rounded adults that know how to take care of themselves. Sometimes we think that it's easier just to do things ourselves instead of taking the time to ask or show someone how to complete a task. It can be even harder to watch them do something not exactly the way we do it. Breathe and let go, because in the long run, you make it easier on yourself and you teach those around you that they too are capable of doing the things you do for them by themselves.

I realize that it's easier said than done. But once you start and you see the power that you hold, it's really almost hard to stop. You don't have to turn into a dictator, but you must be the adult/parent. Stepping up to the plate takes courage, confidence, and strength. If I can take the step, so can you.

Workout - weights (back and triceps), abs, and treadmill

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