Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I'm tired, let's face it. I'm pooped. I'm so ready for Mikel and dh to come home. They've officially been gone a week and that's long enough. Unfortunately my fil is still pretty sick, he had a stroke about three days ago. I'm not babysitting for the next three days so I may drive down there and get Mikel and bring him back. He's missing school and baseball games and I know he's not sleeping right. Plus I'd really like to see my parents and my fil. I'm not looking forward to the 6 hour drive, in a stick shift. Blech! I've done it before, and it wasn't pretty.

The babysitting is going well. C is an angel, most of the time. He's getting his first two teeth so he can be a little cranky, but over all he's sweet. He's learning to crawl so he pulls himself along with his arms and is pushing with his legs. Feeding him is a challenge. He's figured out how to blow raspberries with a mouth full of food. I feel like I'm at a Gallagher show. Just about every other bottle results in a massive flow of puke. Almost excorsist like. I know feed him wearing a very large towel and rain gear.

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