Tuesday, May 02, 2006


My doctor gave me some sleeping pills because I told him that I wake up several times a night or I wake up and am awake for hours. Last night was the first night that I took one. Whoa baby did that sucker work! I was able to wake up when the kids needed me, but this morning when dh's alarm clock went off, I couldn't find the snooze button. The button is huge, it takes up the whole top of the alarm clock and I couldn't find it. I just stood there holding the clock looking at it with one of those confused dog looks with my head tilted to the side with the alarm blaring the whole time. Finally my husband grabbed it out of my hand and shut it off. Maybe I'll just take a half pill tonight and not risk my brains turning into mush.

I did my weights yesterday morning, but totally wimped out on the cardio. My doctor said it could take up to a month for my sleep to even out and for me to feel normal again. Who knew that trying to live on two hours of sleep a day could do so much damage! I started taking a multi vitamin in the morning, hoping that will help.

Our sliding screen door is on it's last legs. The handle just broke off, it's all stretched out and now it's bent. Probably because I kicked it when the handle fell off.

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