Monday, August 21, 2006

Bored, bored, bored

I'm sooooo bored. It looks like we'll be here for the week. So far my fil has had two surgeries and will possibly be having another one in a day or two. The outlook is pretty grim and they hope to improve his quality of life while he's still with us. Dh spends pretty much all of his time at the hospital and I stay at my parent's with the kids. The hospital doesn't allow children under 12 into the rooms. For some reason my mom's computer is not letting me use the enter key, so I apologize for the lack of paragraphs. Very weird, hit enter and the cursor dissappears. It's magic! Oooooo, better be careful. I don't want someone calling me an idiot again. My mother and I took my truck to have the tires rotated and balance at WalMart on Sunday. We had quite a wait, so we thought we'd have breakfast at the McDonald's inside. OMG. It was just scary. First, they had no hashbrowns. In place of hashbrowns, they offer two apple pies. Ummmm, wouldn't french fries be a better replacement? You know, stick with the whole potato theme. Second, the soda machine was broken. Am I on Candid Camera? Third and the most amazing, they were completely out of napkins. None. Zero. Zilch. Why even open? Why not just post a sign announcing that due to a lack of hashbrowns, soda, and napkins they would not be opening today. They weren't telling people before they ordered either. "I'd like a medium coke." "The soda machine is broken." They didn't tell anybody they were out of napkins until they were asked. Oy! The agony. That on top of having to spend three and a half hours inside WalMart. It's a wonder I'm even here. I should be in a padded room right now talking to my toe nails. The upside is that I spent less than thirty dollars, not counting the tire stuff. Not bad. But by then I was hating life and almost ready to vow that I would never enter WalMart again. That will never happen. It couldn't get that bad, could it? Another silver lining is that I'm getting to just sit around on my butt and not do a damn thing. It's lovely. No house cleaning. Just imagine. What a concept huh? Outrageous I know.

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Ramblin Rose said...

sorry to hear about your FiL hope all goes well with him..

Lucky you no housework!!


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