Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's witchcraft

I took the ankle biters to the free family movie festival at our local movie theater on Tuesday. While sitting there waiting for the movie to start I could hear the girl behind me explaining to her caregiver what the movie was about. They were showing Zathura which is basically Jumanji in outerspace. Same concept. It is a good movie, very cute and kept the kids interested. So anywho, the girl is explaining and says that it's just like Jumanji. Her caregiver responds with, "Jumanji has a lot of witchcraft in it! Should you be watching this?" I had to roll my eyes.

Are we in Salem yet? Puh-lease. It's called fiction. That means it's not real. You know make-believe, pretend, or imaginary. I know, using your imagination is probably a strain what with all the time you spend at fund raisers for Republicans and pro-Bush rallys. It truly must be exhausting. Being so closed minded must take a lot out of you. It reminds me of when people were sayingthat the spells and incantations in the Harry Potter novels were real. That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. If that were true do you have any idea of how many people would be vomiting slugs right now?

I could really drive myself insane ranting about this. But before I get all fired up and pull out my soapbox I'll content myself with saying that I thought it was utterly ridiculous. Turns out that the girl had already seen the movie any way.

I will say though that I thought it was pretty funny when the words "dick" and "be-otch" were used and the whole audience gasped. I know it's supposed to be the family movie festival, but they're going to hear it sometime, if they haven't heard it already. That's your job as a parent to teach them that they aren't supposed to say things like that. Done right kids won't see it a so forbidden and not really think much about it. Hopefully. This from a woman who's cute little four year old daughter recently called her brother a f**ker. Uh huh, that's right. When she saw the look on my face she ran to her bed and buried her face and started crying. I didn't even have to say anything. She punished herself. That was pretty cool.


Ramblin Rose said...

I found your blog via Manic How cool you live in Hemet.. I went to hemet high school for year 12 I think I have a brother who still livs there?

Have you lived there all your life? If so did you go to San Jacinto or HEmet High?


princessr9 said...

I've lived in Hemet for a little over a year now. You should see it now. I'm sure it's pretty different. We're finally starting to get some really good stores here. Thank you for stopping by.

Ramblin Rose said...

I've heard it's quite diffrent, thankgoodness they are finally getting better shopping is it still known as gods waiting room?

As for the baby wipes bleach thing, Huggies baby wipes work best and will remove almost anything, I use the bleach for the stubborn markers that Icant remove, and baby wipes are good for make up etc...



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