Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I drove my mom to work today so I can actually leave the house. Literally being stuck at home with both kids nearly drove me insane yesterday. I never even got out of my pajamas and it's been a long time since I've done that. Dh took Mikel with him to the hospital for the morning and La Katie is still sleeping. There is peace and quiet through out the land. Shhhh! If you listen really hard you can hear the angels singing. Ok, very weird but I still haven't figured out how to make this computer let me make paragraphs. This is really going against the grain of my high school english teacher's lessons. I'm sorry! I'd make paragraphs if I could. Fil had three stints (sp?) put in Monday. The doctor said the arteries were so badly blocked that it was a wonder fil was even still alive. Today he is having a pace maker put in and hopefully should be out of the hospital by Friday. It's so nice visiting with my parents. I don't have to clean or cook dinner. This is a vacation! I clean up after myself and the kids ofcourse, but I don't have to scrub toilets or anything like that. Lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The dial up isn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact it's faster than our cable modem at home. I may switch. I think it's cheaper too. Cheaper is always nice. I have no idea what LaKatie and I will do today. Probably go to lunch and maybe do some window shopping. I want to find a used book store and hopefully pick up a couple of cheap books. I'm going insane without anything to read. I brought two books with me and finished both of them by Monday. I really miss my laptop. I don't have all my links and I it drives me crazy that I'm missing out on so many blogs. Having to google everything is really getting old. The kids went off the deep end last night and began jumping from the bed onto the matress on the floor. Even after several warnings from both me and my mom. Finally my mom went in there and threatened them with papa's belt, thus ending the jumping for the night. Later I found Mike running and diving onto the matress and doing a somersault. Oy. They just don't get it. I should be glad that they weren't swinging from the ceiling fan. Friday night my brother will be back and he'll have my three nephews with them. I'll need to get some booze before then. Not for me, for the kids. Just kidding. Have a lovely hump day!

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Ramblin Rose said...

glad to hear your FIL is going well, and you are so lucky a vacation, I can only dream of someone doing everything for me!!!



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