Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I thought it would be great . . . . .

but it's snot.

Thursday of last week Dh lost his job. His new job that was supposed to be so much better than his last job. Things just didn't work out according to the HR person. Hmmmm. Oh well, things happen for a reason and hopefully this will lead to something better. So he's been home with me now every single day. I thought it would be nice having him home. Most of the time it is, but I have to admit. Sometimes it drives me crazy. Now I really don't have any time to myself. Puh-lease let him find a job soon. I just found out that his parents are coming to visit for about a week so they can try to find a place to live down here. Oh goody. Pray for me. I'll need the strength. My fil is not a problem. It's my mil that drives everyone up the wall. Even Dh.

We went down to social services today to apply for aid since Dh hasn't even applied for unemployment yet. Hopefully we won't need it for long. There is just now way we could survive on my disability checks. You can't buy booze with food stamps can you?

Gah. This past month has been a real downer. I feel like a little black rain cloud is following me around. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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