Thursday, September 07, 2006

What are you lookin' at?

Yesterday we had a major storm. Just as school was getting out. It was really nice. Nobody was prepared for what happened. I'm talking 60mph winds and flash flooding. I got stranded on one of those cemet parking things when the parking lot at the school flooded. Dh had to come get me in the truck. I just knew having a lifted truck would come in handy some day. The minute I got out of the truck I was soaked. I looked like I just jumped into a pool. There were all kinds of kids running around soaking wet crying. It looked like one big giant wet t-shirt contest. I felt really bad for all the kids that had to either walk or ride their bikes home. The MAJOR road in town was completely flooded and had to be closed. It was just insane. I love the rain, but that was a little much for me.

LaKatie has taken to emptying the shampoo and conditioner into her bath. Ah the things small children can get into when your back is turned. The other night I went to get my water and when I came back the shampoo had "fallen" into the bathtub and was now full of water. Last night I went to turn the diswasher on and when I got back the conditioner had "fallen" into the tub. I sense a pattern forming here. All other bottles of anything that could possibly be used to make bubbles have been removed from the bathroom.

We've also had to hide the scotch tape. Mikel thinks anything can be built with it. Scotch tape, a kid's best friend.

I came out of my bedroom today to find the dog on top of the dinning room table getting ready to have himself a snack. LaKatie left her cookies on the table. No food must ever be left sitting around or it becomes property of the chow hound.

Katie's birthday is in three weeks. I have one week to make invitations and get them mailed/handed out. I will do it this time! My children will not suffer through another birthday party with only one other child in attendance. Even if I have to kidnap some. We will have guests at this party. Incidentally, if you hear of anyone going missing around October 1st, I had nothing to do with it.

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