Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And baby makes 21!

My son's teacher is due to have her first baby in about two weeks. He said that she told the class this afternoon that she was going to the hospital today and was going to stay there. She didn't say anything when I picked him up and since this is her first baby, unless there are complications I can't see her doctor inducing labor 15 days early. My point in all this mess is that Mikel was in tears because his teacher is going to be gone for 6 weeks. He wants her address so he can go visit her. He's completely distraught. Even though Mrs. H says that she'll visit, that's not good enough. He cannot bare to be parted from her. He already hates the substitute and his teacher hasn't even left yet.

My sil and her two children might be moving in with us temporarily. At least it better be temporary. Our house isn't that big and I can barely handle dh being home all day, much less his sister and her two kids. Talk about home invasion. Oh yeah, and I'm sure her fiance will be spending quite a bit of time here too.

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m said...

That's adorable that your son loves his teacher so much!


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