Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm not making this up, I swear

Last night dh told Mikel to quit farting around and finish his dinner. La Katie asked, "why? can you smell the farts?"

Then later while I was helping her with her homework she needed to use the glue stick. When she opened it, it was a little messed up, but still usable. She asked me what happened to it and I told her I didn't know but that the glue was ok and I wouldn't worry about it. She turned around and told me, "yeah. But I would!"

I need to carry around some sort of recorder.

We finally managed to get approved for food stamps. So now we have food. We had to re-apply for medi-cal for some strange reason, but that's typical.

Katie is turning 5 next week. It's funny how she's so independent. Mikel will be 7 in March and still wants me to walk him all the way in to his classroom. Katie insists on walking into school by herself. The child I'm actually ready to let go of a little bit doesn't want to let go of me and my baby, my preshus babee! She can't wait to let go of me. My baby isn't really a baby any more. She even refuses to shop in the little kid's section any more. Now she wants to shop in the big girl section. Oy vey. Soon she'll be asking for a car.

My parents will be visiting next weekend for Katie's birthday. I love how they always make it a point to visit for the kid's birthdays. The kids really appreciate it and like knowing that no matter what, they'll be seeing grandma and papa for their birthday. My parents just re-financed their house and are getting some new furniture and will be passing some of their older stuff on to me! I'm getting their goregous china hutch and my mom's antique desk. Now I get to set up a nice little office for me. Finally a place to work at other than the dining room table.

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