Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More info.

Ok, so H told me that he talked to this woman while I wasn't speaking to him. Looking back on it, there wasn't ever a time when I wasn't totally not talking to him. We live in a house with 9 other people. You can't really ignore someone in all that. I have actually exchanged emails with this woman and she's really very nice. I don't blame her at all. Frankly I'm surprised she said anything. I think it's nice that not only did she protect herself, but she thought of me as well and while I'm hurt and extremely mad, I'm not mad at her. I appreciate her honesty, I really do. But getting back to the point. She emailed me transcripts of their chats. The dates don't match up. When H says this occured and the dates on the transcripts don't match. According to what she sent me, they were talking as recently as last Wednesday. Yes, a week ago and it wasn't just idle chit chat as you can well imagine. He was chatting with her while I cooked our Thanksgiving dinner. In the blessing before we ate he thanked God for his wife and family. The lying hypocritical bastard. Ugh, I'm so angry this post is falling apart. Enough for now.

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labsnabys said...

R, I just realized you'd started posting again last month and got caught up. I'm so sorry about this latest thing with your husband. I hope you can get to the bottom of it...I'd be very, very concerned too. ((((r9))))


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