Friday, July 07, 2006

Hey, did you know?

Mikel has a new friend, a fellow teeball player. They are getting along smashingly and T really keeps Mikel out of my hair. Whether we're at T's house or here at our house, I can actually sit and have an adult conversation, or actually have more than five minutes to myself.

Wednesday we went to free movie day and then over to T's house to play for the entire afternoon. Yesterday afternoon I took Mikel over there to play for two hours. Today we took T with us to go swimming at the waterpark. My sunburn has mostly healed. I'm still a little red in some places, but doesn't hurt any more. It looks really gross because it's peeling massively. It's horrifying really. I've tried multiple applications of aloe vera and scrubbing with a loofah, but I still look like I've got some sort of hideous disease. I debated over wearing a t-shirt to cover it, because I didn't really want to subject the other children to the horror. I don't have a cover up, and obviously I need to get one.

While I was enjoying the water and playing with La Katie a lady walks up to me and pretty much yells, "Do you have sunblock on? I can see three different colors on your back. I can see where it burned and peeled, and then burned again!" No, freak I'm striving to burn the holy heck out of my back until it scars. Sunblock? What's that? I probably shouldn't be sitting out in the SUN should I? I know I don't look my age, but I know I look old enough to know better than to let myself get barbequed like a chicken twice. The first time was an accident, an oversight. I didn't do it on purpose and trust me, I made damn sure that I had about half a bottle of SPF 48 sunblock on my back and shoulders. Yes, I know that my back looks awful, and I'm sorry for causing the visual trama.

It was quite a full week. The summer is going to be exhausting what with trying to keep the kids busy and my house clean. Only 7 more weeks to go!

The boys went riding yesterday while La Katie and I went on a search for a Hello Kitty nightgown. She had outgrown the last one she had and just had to have a new one. We went to five different stores, not one of them had any sort of Hello Kitty pajamas or a nightgown. I think we got the first one at Mervyn's and of course there isn't one in the town we live in. I'll have to check on line. By the end of our excursion we were exhausted and overheated, so we stopped at Cold Stone on our way home for some refreshment. Yummy, yummy cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in.

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