Wednesday, July 26, 2006

They got game

Why is it that when I find a really cool game on the internet the kids always take it over? They both have tv's and game systems in their rooms, not to mention the desktop computer. Any time they hear noise of any kind coming from the laptop they stampeded like a herd of buffalo. Then the begging begins. They just want a turn! A turn that will last an eternity. A turn that will end only when they have to pee so bad that their eyeballs are floating, or when they pass out.

Today I found this really nifty website where you can make dolls. Digital dolls of course. It appeals to the girlie part of me. Pretty clothes and pretty shoes, stuff like that. It's Barbie for grown ups. La Katie came out this morning and saw it and she's been playing ever since. This morning meaning 7:45am and it is now 2:45pm. I want my game back! I don't think it's going to happen.

Mikel finally got his PS2 back after being grounded for a week. He shattered the screen on the in car dvd player in the truck. He was mad because he wanted to go to his friends house and I told him no. So he ruined a $2,000 video system. He spent the rest of the day in his room, got a spanking, and got grounded. No PS2, no going any where, and no friends over to play. Getting back to my original point. Mikel can't really read yet, just small words. So most of the games he has I get called into his room every five minutes so I can read him the instructions. That is driving me insane. In. Sane. Like I'm not crazy enough already.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the girlie games. I love the Bratz website you can dress up ponies and dolls. I guess I have more issues than being a sample addict. :)

In my defense I do the girlie games with my three year old....okay feel like I have a little of my self-respect back.

Sarah said...

Sorry didn't mean to leave it anonymous I guess I am tired.



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