Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's FLOAM!!!!!

Have you ever tried that stuff? If you haven't, don't waste your time. Not only is it expensive at almost $7 a tub, it sucks. I bought some for my kids and even they were disappointed. All it did was make a mess. I'm still finding bits of Floam everywhere. Avoid the floam. Wasn't there already something like floam before? Made by Nickelodeon I think. Where do people get the ideas for this stuff?

Today is free movie day. We saw Hoodwinked. Katie and I saw it for the second time today actually, but it was new for Mikel. I forgot how funny that movie is. Mikel's friend T came over to play after the movie and is going to hang out until it's time for Karate. I think he's finally starting to like me. He let me make him a pb&j sandwich and actually ate it. This is the first time he's eaten at our house, well not counting fast food.

We got some really good news from our credit union this morning. They finally agreed to re-finance our loans and lower the payments. That was a HUGE stress reliever for both dh and me. Now we'll actually get to benefit from his raise instead of just being able to make the payments. Ah relief.

We started a new nighttime routine. Ok, we started a nighttime routine. Yes my children have never had an actual bedtime before now. We're shooting for a 9 o'clock bedtime and we're getting there. They actually go to bed, they just don't go to sleep. I'm sure that eventually they'll catch on and actually go to sleep at the right time. We've only been doing the routine for three days. We still have a month before school starts, I'm hoping that will give us enough time. Eventually I want them in bed by 8 o'clock, but with being light until 8pm, I don't want to push my luck.

It's been well over 100 degrees here for the last 19 days and doesn't show any sign of cooling off sooner. Don't you wish you lived in Southern California? Not to mention the storm systems that have been moving through so that every afternoon there are dark clouds and thunder. The kids don't want to play outside because of the heat and they're driving me insane. Stark raving mad. Loony tunes. Coocoo in the head. A few sandwiches short of a picinic. Not playing with a full deck. You get the picture.

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