Saturday, July 22, 2006

Random stuff

We went out for a bit of shopping this afternoon and we stopped to get something to eat at Quizno's. While we were eating a couple came in with their two kids. One of their kids was a baby, still in his carseat. The woman set the carseat on the floor and then her and her husband and older son went to the counter to order. Nobody stayed with the baby. Then I noticed that the baby was only wearing a diaper and a button down shirt that wasn't buttoned. Granted it's pretty hot outside, but there was also a major storm blowing in and it was pretty damn windy. While they were standing at the counter ordering the baby started to move around in his seat, that's when I noticed, he wasn't strapped in. So not only were they carrying around the baby in windy/rainy weather, barely dressed, and not strapped in. Nice.

Then we went to WalMart. Oy. WalMart, on a rainy Saturday afternoon. What were we thinking? I'm going to backtrack a little here. Before we left the house my husband asked if I wanted to go with him. I initially said no because I thought I could at least enjoy some semi-quiet time with only one child to watch. Then LaKatie decided she wanted to go and dh said that she couldn't go if I wasn't going to go. His reason was that he didn't feel comfortable taking both of them out without me there to help watch the kids. What a sissy. Anywho, of course the kids start asking if they can get a toy. Which is one of the reasons I didn't want to go. I knew there would be the ritual begging for toys. I left the decision to dh since the shopping trip was his idea. So that means the kids got the toys they were after. Again, what a sissy.

On the way home dh decided he wanted to stop at Jamba Juice. We parked and got out of the truck and walked up to the store. I noticed two pieces of paper taped to the doors and read only one of them which stated that they were unable to serve wheatgrass shots due to some mechanical problems. Well damn! That was my whole reason for going there. Now what was I going to do! I didn't pay any attention to the other piece of paper because I figured it said the same thing. So we're standing there waiting for someone to take our order and a guy walks out and says that due to the weather and the power going off and on so many times that they're unable to use any of their equipment or registers. Now why, if you can't use any of your equipment or your registers are you still open? Why are the doors unlocked? Why doesn't the notice on the door say "closed due to weather"? That was just annoying.

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Kelly said...

Unattended babies. You have GOT to love that scene.
I love the word "sissy". AND you use it so well!
No Juice available at Jamba Juice???
OH. I would have been PISSED.
But then again... I have a weird bond (addiction) to the Juice.


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