Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I hate the surround sound

Dh traded something and got himself a surround sound set up. What does this mean? It means that everything now must be watched at window rattling volume. Our entire living room had to be rearranged and speakers had to be stuck to the walls. I've had a headache since he installed it and I'm pretty sure it's because all the fillings in my mouth have been vibrating for four days straight. Now he's talking about building all sorts of racks for the equipment. How exciting.

I should not be allowed near Target. That is dangerous. I can go to Costco and spend less than $100 no problem. I can't go to Target without spending at least $50, if not more. That's a problem because I get things we actually NEED at Costco. At Target I get all the goodies we don't need. But I want them, and their on sale! So buy them I must. They call to me, I swear they do.

Dh just told me that his dad is talking about coming to visit for Thanksgiving. I think I need to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. My sil and her two kids, plus my in-laws. That is a recipe for disaster my friends that no one should prepare. That's like put me in the psych ward kinda good.

Mikel asked me this morning if his girlfriend could move in with us. I barely managed to restrain myself from shrieking, "oh helllllllllllllll no!" I replied with a much more sedate, "you're way to young to even be thinking about that sort of think. When you're older and you have your own place, then you can do that". I think I did ok, considering he's six.


Ramblin Rose said...

too funny!!! your boy is sooo funny!! I coulnt handle all that family around at thanksgiving!!!


girl from florida said...

Ha!! H has his surround sound and I hate it!! Drives me nuts.

girl from florida said...

Ha!! H has his surround sound and I hate it!! Drives me nuts.


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