Sunday, August 07, 2011

Shit I Hate Sunday

Shit I hate . . . . . not being able to stay in bed until 2pm today. I'm turning into a lazy bitch.

Shit I hate . . . . my knee hurting all the damn time. This shit is getting annoying.

Shit I hate . . . . my doctor. He's such an unhelpful asshole.  "My knee hurts." "Maybe it's lupus." Yeah, and maybe you should consider a new line of work.  Dick.

Shit I hate . . . . . Costco not having an express lane.  I just wanted to buy some baby wipes for my friend. I'm not stocking up for the zombie apocalypse. Seriously, how much fucking mayo do you need?

Shit I hate . . . . . there's nothing good on tv.  Shark week was cool for the first four days, not it's all re-runs and I swear this week is lasting forever.


nichole fleming said...

Oh gosh wish I could sleep until 2pm. I miss those days!

Rockin' Mama said...

Turning into a lazy bitch...whore you were that way. haha ;)

are you liking the disqus comment thingy?

Rachel said...

I don't really sleep until 2pm, I just lay in bed that long. Mostly just on Sundays

Rachel said...

Eh, I'll just find a better doctor. I'm not gonna waste my time on that butthead


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