Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tough Shit Tuesday

Good Mom Bad Mouth has started an awesome fucking hop and because I'm cool like that I'm going to jump on. Go check her out and link the fuck up bitches!

I had an old friend invite me out for "free beer" this weekend. I think he thought he was gonna get some post-break up revenge sex. Tough shit . . . . you get none

The girl wanted her DS back two days early. Tough shit . . . . when mama says you're grounded, you are grounded.

I wanted to leave for the lake on Friday night.  Tough shit . . . . . . I have to wait for the donor to get into town so he can take the boy.

I want to eat one of the giant Costco muffins that are downstairs right now. Tough shit . . . . . mom says they're for the lake.

Work tried to change my schedule at the last minute. Tough shit . . . . I already made other plans. See you Thursday bitches! I'm gonna go play!

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