Monday, June 19, 2006

About the title

The "home of the depressed vagina" thing, ummmm sort of an inside joke. It was a comment I made on someone else's blog and it was a lot funnier there. Any way, she replied that it should be my new tagline, so I'm going to try it out for a while.

I'm working on updating my blogroll, if I have linked to you and you'd rather I didn't, just let me know. It's probably going to be about ten miles long since I read so many blogs, but I like to help promote the people that I think are good writers.

We had a pretty low key weekend, after last weekend it was a nice change. This was dh's first regular weekend back since all the drama with his dad and then having to travel for work. Saturday we just hung around the house and didn't do much. On Sunday we took a nice drive and found a really neat fruit stand/deli type place. It was so cool, they grow all of their own fruits and veggies and make great food. We'll definately be going back again soon. Then we came home and dh BBQ'd some pre-seasoned steaks. The kids ate outside since it was so nice. I myself enjoy having a table to put my plate on, so I used the dining room table.

I've been feeling pretty lethargic, so it's time for a doctor's appointment since I'm having some other problems as well. I have a feeling that I might have diabetes, which is pretty scary since my grandma died of complications from diabetes. It took me all day to just get the laundry sorted, then I went to check on some clothes in the dryer and was about to get all frustrated and pissed off because the clothes weren't dry. I started to think that our dryer had died a sudden death, but then I realized that I hadn't turned the dryer on in the first place. Usually I find that turning things on helps. In life it's the little things that are so important.

I finally finished washing and cutting up all the fruit I bought on Friday while grocery shopping. I really don't know what I was thinking. Instead of waiting until Saturday and possibly being able to go by myself, I took both kids with me on Friday. I took them to lunch at McDonald's first hoping that it would burn off some excess energy. That was some wishful thinking. I held it together pretty well, I only threatened to ship them to Namibia twice. It was some heavy duty shopping. I went to Costco and WinCo and actually had to fold up the third seat and have Mikel climb in the truck to help me push stuff forward and stack boxes so it would all fit. I filled up the back of a suburban people. I was so happy because I really stocked up and I probably wouldn't have to go shopping again soon, but then I got home and realized that I would have to actually unload and put away all of that stuff. It was so horrible. I must have cried at least half a dozen times. I was tired, the kids were tired and I still had to cook dinner. I just finished putting all the groceries away today. Not the food, but the stuff that could wait. I need more shelves in my garage, and a freezer with a lock on it. That probably makes for a good place to stick dh when he pisses me off. He's going to be in there a lot.

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