Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shots Hurt

I took my daughter for her kindergarten admission physical yesterday. It went great, right up until she had to get her vaccinations. The TB test didn't bother her much, the shots however caused major trauma. There was much crying and yelling ow and telling the nurse to stop and that was just me. I'm kidding. She did cry for a while and asked me to get her out of there. My son was extremely helpful, he yelled "wow! it's bleeding!". Yeah, cause we needed to know that. After she recovered she found the strength to complain about the Taz band aids and the lack of more Disney princess stickers. For the rest of the day she kept reminding me to not touch her owies.

Dh has officially been gone almost three days and so far I haven't had any urges to tie the children to chairs and go hit the bars dressed as a nun. The kids are having fun helping me cook dinner and last night I gave my son's mohawk a trim. He was quite impressed that I managed not to screw it up. Kids are so easily impressed. I changed the tags on our truck this morning and my daughter was shocked to find that I actually know how to take the licsense plate frame off. Apparently she thought only daddy knew how to do stuff to the truck.

Mikel only has a week of school left. The thought of him being home all day makes me break out in a cold sweat. It's not that he's a troublemaker, cause he is. But it isn't anything I can't handle. The challenge is keeping him occupied. He's never been one to really play on his own. He will occasionally, but prefers to have company. Also he's just a little to smart for his own good. We're talking about a child that figured out how to open the door after I put the knob covers on . . . . . . before he was two years old. Seriously, I spent all day driving to every store I could think of that sold baby proofing stuff only to get home, put all the covers on, and it took him about thirty seconds to figure it out. More recently we put a locking door knob on the door to the garage because he was getting into Dh's tools and other stuff in there that he wasn't supposed to. About 20 minutes later he got a hold of the keys to our truck, went outside and used the garage door opener. Can you imagine what he'll be like as a teenager? I'm looking into renting a cell in Alcatraz.

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