Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh my achin' back!

Note to self: make sure you have someone put sunblock on your back for you.

My friend and fellow teeball mom invited the kids and I to the new water park that just opened here in town. It's not really a water park so much as it is a very large pool with one giant water slide and an area for the little ones. The tot area was really nice. One end gradually sloped into the water and the other had a small set of steps. There is a huge structure in the middle with two different small water slides and all sorts of water activities around the outside. Water spouted from all sorts of different openings and there was even a tunnel to crawl through near the bottom by the water.

Mikel and Katie had a blast. The didn't want to get out of the pool at all. Not even when I offered junk food from the snack bar. The only time they willingly left the pool was when they had to while the lifeguards took a break. The second the whistle blew to signal break time was over they were right back in the water. Katie still doesn't like getting water in her eyes, so we'll be getting her some goggles before we go again. The one time she went down a water slide she got water all in her face and cried for 15 minutes. Mikel didn't have any problems getting his face wet, but he still doesn't want to go under water. Swimming lessons are obviously in order, and soon.

Before we left the house I slathered everyone with sunblock including myself. I forgot however to have one of the kids help me put some on my back. Oops! During break time I reapplied and had Mikel help me out with putting some on my back. Too little, too late. I'm a nice lobster red on pretty much most of my back. Now the kids are helping me put aloe vera on my back. Oy my back hurts. You could fry eggs on my back with all the heat coming off of it. Hopefully it will turn into a tan within a couple of days. It's a good thing I don't like sleeping on my back.

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