Friday, January 07, 2011

Hello my name is Rachel and I was addicted to the "ville" games on Facebook

"Hi Rachel!"

A little over two years ago I got divorced and thank god, my now ex-husband moved out.  The bad thing was, joint custody.  I had all this freedom! Well once I had stopped drinking my way through the weeks he had the kids.  It was a ugly at first. But getting back to my point.  So the kids are with their dad and here I am will all this time on my hands.  I had to find something to do and I'm not really into the whole bar/club scene. I'd much rather drink at home.  It's cheaper and there are a lot less stupid people to deal with. So I started playing all these damn life sucking games on Facebook and good lord they suck you in! You have to have a bigger farm and more friends and they have to help you harvest your crops!

 Then there is more than one farm game and then because they not only want your life, they want your money too there's all these nifty things you can buy for your farm, amusement park, bakery, mafia, island, etc., etc.  But here's the kicker, all those cool things cost money, not "play" money, real money.  I'll admit, I spent money on the stupid horseshoes.  Not a lot.  About twenty bucks and then I refused, REFUSED to spend any more because how ridiculous was that? I was spending money on shit I didn't even OWN.  Like I wasn't broke enough already? I just threw money away.  Seriously, $20? That's a least a twelve pack and a pack of cigarettes both of which are more fun and at least give me a buzz.

Then, a little over a week ago I had a friend post, on Facebook no less, that she was deleting all of the games. You know who you are you sexy bitch! ;oP I remember thinking, "I can't do that! What would I do when I got bored?! OMG!" Then in the midst of planting my crops, cooking in my cafe, and building a city I realized this shit sucked.  Really? The amount of time I spent doing all this shit and planning when I would be home to harvest my crops or serve my dishes was just insane.  I would actually sit here at my computer and figure out how many hours it would be until I would be home to check on my games.  Lame!

 So I took a deep breath, removed the applications from my account and then blocked the feeds so I wouldn't see all the requests for boards, or goats, or whatever silly shit somebody needed for their farm, frontier, or cafe.   I even took it a step further and deleted all the "friends" that I didn't really know and just had on there because you need more neighbors to unlock more cool shit! I'll admit my life isn't any richer for having removed them, but now I at least have the time I should have always had to do something productive. Like whine on my blog or harass my children.  The added bonus is that I can actually see what my real friends are up to, which is sort of the whole reason I started using Facebook in the first place.


Anonymous said...

well wtf lady! and you were giving me shit for being a quitter!

*cheers* to no longer checking crops! lol


princessr9 said...

Lol, you are the sexy bitch I was refering to! You inspired me!

princessr9 said...

Lol, you are the sexy bitch I was refering to! You inspired me!


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