Monday, January 10, 2011

It's amazing what bad habits you can kick by getting your tongue pierced

On New Year's Eve, because I'm a total idiot, I got my tongue pierced.  This wasn't exactly a spur of the moment decision.  I've been thinking about it for awhile.  I took a baby step and got my tragus pierced, google it if you want to know what it is.  It's nothing dirty. Perverts! Since my awesome boyfriend got me a gift certificate to our favorite tattoo place and since my favorite artist is also a piercer, it seemed like perfect timing.  I did go on Wednesday, thinking I could get it done then and the worst would be over by New Years Eve.  Best laid plans and all that.  Oops.

I won't say I quit smoking, but I did stop smoking on Tuesday because I knew it would slow the healing process.  I haven't really wanted a cigarette since, so I'll just go on not "quitting" and see how long it lasts.  I figure if I actually quit then I can just as easily start again.  Not officially quitting means no official starting again.

Also, I have cut way back on how many sodas I drink a day.  I started drinking lots of water right after I got the piercing cause it was pretty much the only thing I could tolerate.  One bad habit almost gone in favor of a good one.  I used to drink practically 6 sodas a day, sometimes more.  So I feel pretty good about cutting it down to one or two a day.  Hopefully I'll get rid of soda all together.  Now if I could just get my fat ass to the gym.


Anonymous said...

hey hookerr!

I won't look it up cause I am a pervert! lol

I need to get my ass working out too...blah. but I'm lazy. lol


princessr9 said...

Lol, it's in my ear. Sounds dirty though doesn't it? I went to the gym today hopefully I can keep it up. I've gained back almost half the weight I'd lost.


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