Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That weird noise you hear . . . . yeah that's me screaming

Ugh, what a day.  It started out so good too.  My only session cancelled (woohoo! free money!) so I had all day to run errands and go to the gym.  Everything was all sunshine, hearts, and rainbows until I got the email from my son's teacher.  He "forgot" part of his homework AGAIN.  Then he decided he didn't care about detention and just didn't go. Awesome.  We're a few incidents away from being invited to be on The Jerry Springer show.  It will descend into an all out brawl because I'll finally give in to temptation and punch my ex right in the neck.  Be sure to set your DVRs, you don't wanna miss that shit.

The icing on the cake though was the notice from my friends at the Franchise Tax Board that my wages are being garnished! It's nice when friends keep in touch don't you think?  Most would send a card, a text, maybe even write a letter.  But not these guys! Oh no, not them.  They've chosen to give me the gift that keeps on giving.  I believe it's called an ulcer.  Who am I kidding? It's not really their fault.  They're just doing their job.  It's my ex-husbands fault. Stupid, stupid paperboy.  This children is what happens when you don't delcare income.  FTB doesn't care that the employer didn't send you your paperwork.  They also don't care that we're not married any more hence the garnishment of my wages.

There is a silver lining though.  They tracked his happy ass down and are garnishing his wages too.  The icing on the cake? He gets paid every week, and I only get paid once a month. Haha sucker!

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