Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Buzz About Me 7

1. What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
I would have to say, camping for a week at Sunset Beach. It was awesome and a very long time ago. I really need a vacation.

2.  What is the first amusement park you ever went to?
Disneyland! My parents totally surprised me and my brother. We had no idea until we were on the tram and the drive said "welcome to Disneyland". 

3. What is something you are allergic to?
I'm allergic to fucking everything.  Dust, pet dander, walnuts, kiwi, melon, avocado, bananas, and the list goes on and on and on . . . . . . 

4.  What was one kind thing someone did for you today?
My brother came over, fucked up foot and all and watched my kids so I didn't have to leave work early.

5.  What time is it right now where you are?
It is 7:24pm.  

6.  If you could choose to be any color in the crayon box, which would it be?
Royal Purple! I've always loved that color.

7.  What is your favorite quote?
I have lots, but I'm loving this one lately. "Be patient and tough; one day this pain will be useful to you." Ovid
I'm getting that tattooed on my ribs as soon as I get the money.

8. What was your high school mascot?

9.  Are you left or right brain?
Um, I think left.

10.  Vampires or Zombies?

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