Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shit I Hate Sunday

Shit I Hate . . . . . liars.  Seriously, biggest pet peeve ever. Sell your bullshit somewhere else.

Shit I Hate . . . . . people that leave comments on my blog just to get more followers. If you like my shit, then follow me. I'll stop by and check your blog out, if I like it, I'll follow you. I want the people that follow me to actually like and read my shit. If you don't like it, don't follow. 

Shit I Hate . . . . . . people that don't text back. I don't care if you're busy. I don't care if it's like 4 hours later, just answer my fucking text.  If it was urgent I would call your ass.  If I text I would still like a response!

Shit I Hate . . . . . . review blogs. Sorry ladies, I'm sure you're doing what you have to do to make money or get free shit. That's cool. I'm just not into that shit and I'm not going to follow. I'm a mom, but I'm not into products or labels or any of that other bullshit.

Shit I Hate . . . . . douchebag vultures that think just because I don't have a boyfriend that my vagina is having some sort of open house party. This is not your golden opportunity. I wouldn't touch your dick if it was two feet long and solid platinum asshole. Move along.

Shit I Hate . . . . . my mileage check didn't show up and I had to borrow gas money so I can get to work next week. I HAD TO FUCKING BORROW MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. I just paid to go to work. WTF? Oh yes I did break out the all caps bitches. Deal with it.

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