Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shit I Hate Sunday

Shit I Hate . . . . . when I wake up in the morning and the coffee isn't set up so all I have to do is push the button. Seriously, a little preparation please? Or tell me I need to do it. I could smack somebody

Shit I Hate . . . . . having to spend my whole weekend in class. Couldn't they have done this on a couple of weeknights? 

Shit I Hate . . . . having to drive 45 to class with someone who doesn't talk and only listens to classical music. Shoot me NOW!

Shit I Hate . . . . . having the instructor pick our teaching partners for us. This bitch has no clue and I'm doing all the work.

Shit I Hate . . . . . having slept wrong and fucked up a muscle in my neck so that the right side of my body hurts like hell.  My jaw hurts and I haven't done anything dirty to deserve it. Not fucking fair.

Shit I Hate . . . . . waking up and checking my phone and realizing he was online again and I didn't hear my phone. So pissed off that I missed him.  

Shit I Hate . . . . . . . having to wake up early on the weekend. This blows

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