Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Confession

I'm linking up with the awesome Shell at Things I Can't Say to once again, Pour My Heart Out

I don't know what I was thinking.  The attention was nice, but he wasn't you.  About 95% of the time I wished he was you.  I thought I was starting to get over you, but I was wrong.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss you and what we had.  You were my best friend and this just isn't the same.  I'm making a fool of myself and I don't care. Right now I don't care.  

I'm glad he turned out to be married.  The truth is that saved me from having to dump him on his ass.  I know I said I would find someone like you, but the truth is, there isn't anyone like you.  If there is, I don't want them. All I want is you.

My acting skills are non-existent.  So I hope I'm managing to pull off a convincing act when I see you. I hope it looks like I'm okay. I hope it looks like I'm happy.  It's hard to talk around my heart in my throat and the butterflies in my stomach.  I'm nervous and I don't know how to act.  I'm not good at pretending and I hate playing games.  So I'm going to flirt outrageously until you tell me to stop. I'm going to keep asking you to go out with me until you say no. Because, bullshit doesn't suit me and I'm being as patient as I can.

"The truth is I miss lyin' in those arms of his
But I don't ever let it show
I laugh and I act like I'm havin' the time of my life
As far as he knows it's

Easy . . . . goin' out on a Friday night 
Easy . . . . every time I see him out
I can smile, live it up the way a single girl does
But what he, what he don't know
Is how hard it is to make it look so

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