Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tough Shit Tuesday #3

I wanted to sleep in yesterday . . . . . . . tough shit, somebody's house burned down. No sleep for me!

I wanted another salted caramel frappuccino yesterday . . . . . tough shit, no time.  Those things are amazing. So delicious.

The boy wanted to come in and bug me right now but my windows are open . . . . tough shit kid, put some clothes on. Haha!

I wanted to seriously steal that puppy from that house yesterday. They should not be allowed to have animals . . . . tough shit, that's not my call.

I was supposed to be off the call list for the Red Cross for the next two weeks . . . . . .tough shit, apparently some people don't know what a commitment to being on call means. (that's a whole other post)

I think I'm getting bored with my job. Even going to fires isn't exciting any more . . . . . tough shit, it's what I'm trained to do and somebody has to do it!


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