Friday, February 04, 2011

At least it was over quickly

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.  Basically, I learned how to keep myself from getting hurt by a child.  How sad is that?  The training is to minimize the danger of me and the child of getting hurt.  The whole time I kept thinking, the kids that I work with are so small, when am I actually going to need this? Sure they hit and kick, and sometimes bite but they're little and it's not like I can't just move away from them.

Until today.

When I arrived the house was in utter chaos.  Both siblings running everywhere, cable guys going in and out.  Mom was on the phone.  It looked like something out of a movie.

I went to my little guy to pick him up so we could start our session and he promptly tried to grab my face so he could bite me.  The following hour and a half pretty much went the same way.  Lots of kicking, hitting, biting, and trying to eat the rotting fruit off the ground in the backyard.  His older brother, who's still only 3 was also in on the action.  I think he might have actually thrown a shovel full of dirt on me at one point.  Finally after my little guy choked on a pit of some sort of mystery fruit I decided it was time to go back inside.

Another 15 minutes of chaos and I gently suggested to mom that maybe today wasn't a good day for therapy given the fact that there was thick green snot running out of her son's nose.  Thanks for the germs!

I was exhausted and covered in dirt.  Thank goodness my afternoon session cancelled and the morning went by quickly.

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