Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet Me on Monday


1. Did you get any Valentine's Gifts? I don't know yet.  Jason's hasn't shown up yet and I ordered it ten days ago. I'm giving Amazon the stink eye if it doesn't show up by tomorrow afternoon.  After all the crap I gave him about not missing Valentine's Day, I'm going to be the empty-handed jackass. Nice

2. What is your favorite topping on something toasted?  Hmmmmm, that's actually kinda difficult. I would have to say low fat cream cheese and strawberry fruit spread on a toasted english muffin.  Tastes like cheesecake.  So yummy.  Justifiable cheesecake for breakfast.  Nothing better!

3. Do you pick out your outfit the night before? Nope.  It's not that hard to plan jeans and t-shirts.

4. What food item do you absolutely despise? I don't know. I've gotten more adventurous in my eating habits over the years.  Hell I even eat broccoli now.  My mom is so proud.

5. Righty or lefty? Righty!

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