Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

 I Love

  1. My kiddos. (obviously)
  2. My parents, again obviously and it's not just the rent free living either.  It's the free babysitting!
  3. Jason (duh!)
  4. Cheesecake.  (Please note Jason's name is above cheesecake.  That's how much I love him. I've been known to kill for cheesecake.  It's awesome stuff)
  5. My BlackBerry. (How else would I annoy Jason all day and half into the night? Omg, I should like a teenager.  I'm in my 30s folks)
  6. My laptop. ( I waited years to get my own computer. It's my baby. It had a virus a few months ago, and I almost missed a session to take it in to get fixed)
  7. Books. ( I love to read. I keep a book in my truck in case I get some time to read. Comes in handy when sessions get cancelled)
  8. My camera.  (I lusted after the Canon Rebel for a good two years before I finally got one.)
  9. My job. ( I love playing with the kiddos. I get paid to play. Yes, you should be jealous)
  10. Lazy Sundays with my love. (I actually count down the days until Saturday night)
  11. Tattoos.(I can't wait to get another one. I was supposed to get one tonight, but it got cancelled )
  12. Coffee ( There's no way I'm ever giving it up)
  13. Baking ( I miss having my own kitchen and being able to bake whenver I wanted to. Mostly I just miss having my own kitchen)

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