Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Edit me

Wow, blogger is really not wanting to put the pictures the way I want them!  First I cropped the image, then using Picknik I ran auto fix and added a vignette framed and changed it to green instead of black.  Then I used the cross process effect and changed the setting to 75%. Finally I used the adjustable threshold effect in screen mode to get the light effect just right.  To me it looks like you're peeking through the leaves.

My Reflection of Something

The original


Mrs. Pickle said...

blogger has been giving me problems also and I am not happy about it!

Bernie said...

Well it sounds like you did something lovely to it. I admire folks who can edit pictures and stuff.

MarkyDsMom said...

blogger has been a lil bitch lately! LOL im sorry that wasnt nice was it...
love your edit and your blog as well! :o)


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