Monday, June 27, 2011

Take a photo Tuesday

I was having a crappy end of the day and then I come home and start checking blogs and find out that I won my first photo challenge!  The picture is my awesome heels and my boyfriend's boots. He had just come home from drill and his boots were there by the door and I just thought it would make an awesome picture and I was right! Here's the picture from last week in case you didn't see it.

(Yes Ms. Bernie I will most definitely be framing this one!)

Here's my entry for this week.  Something Blue

I won this piggy bank at a baby shower.  Cute huh?


The Tame Lion said...

That piggy bank reminded me of myself...

Daffy said...

The boots and pumps is AWESOME! Its a print I would definitely buy! I love it! Congrats on the winning.

And aren't all piggie banks cute?!

Marisa said...

Seriously cute piggy pig. And the shoes/boots picture is beautiful. I love how it captures both beauty and ruggedness.

rebecca said...

I had the hardest time choosing a photo. My hubby was drawn to yours. I was too. I asked him which photo he liked the best and he said yours. I'm glad it made your day too :0)
And for the piggy bank. So cute. i love piggy banks. I think they are so cute in so many ways. Thank you so much for linking back up this week with Take A Photo Tuesday


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