Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

1.   This weekend I'm       going to my cousins graduation party   and      I will not eat like it's the last time I'll ever be near food. I am not on Survivor.

2.  My last vacation was    um, what's a vacation? I don't think I've ever actually taken a vacation.  .

3.  My next vacation will be     I don't know, how sad is that? I'm hoping for Disneyland on my birthday next year. *hint,hint*  .

4.  My favorite way to relax is   cuddle up with Jason and watch tv. I usually fall asleep so it must be pretty relaxing!

5.  When vacationing one should always     remember to pack extra chonies. Haha. Sorry. Um, one should always remember the reason for taking a vacation and running around to see all the sights may not be the most relaxing thing in the world.

6.  When vacationing one should never       cash out airplane tickets to buy more beer. Not having a way to get home, no bueno.  *I'm such a smartass*

7.  The best part about a vacation is      having time to de-stress. I really need one of these vacation thingys ya'll are talking about.

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